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Storage and aging Nowadays the quality of the great wines is judged by their ability to mature, but it was not always so. For centuries it was thought that the wine is much better at its young age, immediately after the vinification (winemaking). ===>
Wine language Here are some terms that are likely to encounter through the pages of our site, because as in any particular area and the wine has its own jargon.                 ===>
How exactly the wine is making? The recipe for turning the grapes into wine is roughly as follows:                   ===>

MATALJ winery

Name of the winery: MATALJ winery

Kladovski put bb, Negotin

18 Milentija Popovica str.

00381 19 544720

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Year of establishment: 2008
Capacity of the winery: 50 000 liters
 Total area of vineyards: 17 hectara
 Variety of grapes:  Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay, Crna tamjanika, Sauvignon blanc
 Types of wine:  Terasa Chardonnay, Terasa Sauvignon Blanc, Dusica rose, Kremen,Cabernet Sauvignon, Kremen Kamen

2013 bronze medal at the Decanter London (Kremen 2011)

2014 bronze medal at the Decanter London (Kremen 2012)

2014 gold medal at the BIWC, Sofia (Kremen 2012)

2013 bronze medal at the BIWC Sofia (Terasa Sauvignon Blanc 2012)

2014 commendation at the Decanter London (Terasa Sauvignon Blanc 2012)

2014 bronze medal at the BIWC Sofia (Terasa Chardonnay 2012)

2013 gold medal at the VTV Belgrade (Terasa Chardonnay 2012)

2014 silver medal at the BIWC Sofia (Dušica rose 2013)

2013 best wine of Serbia at the VTV Belgrade (Kremen Kamen 2011)


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Project : Veni, Vino, Vici

Ref № 2007CB16IPO006-2011-2 – 09