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Storage and aging Nowadays the quality of the great wines is judged by their ability to mature, but it was not always so. For centuries it was thought that the wine is much better at its young age, immediately after the vinification (winemaking). ===>
Wine language Here are some terms that are likely to encounter through the pages of our site, because as in any particular area and the wine has its own jargon.                 ===>
How exactly the wine is making? The recipe for turning the grapes into wine is roughly as follows:                   ===>

About wine



Wine is as old as civilization itself. The wine has existed since the first appearance of vines and there was before man discovered fermented beverages and decided to cultivate vines.

From ancient times to the present day the production of wine, wine-tasting and wine drinking are not just a part of our daily life, but used in ritual practice, too. For many people the wine is a source of pleasure and enjoyment.For others it is an inspiration, and a remedy for the body for other people. Those that love to drink wine truly enjoy life and taste the sweetness of divine.

To create a wine of good quality, hard work, high responsibility, dedication and knowledge are needed. Wines with character have the power of the earth, the entire grace of nature and their appearance is always fascinating and powerful. These wines are made with love and passion, and with love and passion could be evaluated.

Such wines have been made for centuries in our regions even today. There is a long lasting tradition of wine production in Vidin District and in the Region of Timocka krajna . Today the professionals successfully keep on that business and create some of the best destinations for wine tourism. Soil, favorable climate conditions and experienced winemakers are prerequisite for growing good grapes and production of quality wine for the satisfaction of wine connoisseurs.


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